Open Mic!!

“I had a couple of sets of these on my guitars back in the late 80’s/early 90’s (pink ones, as it happens) and they were great! The new ones are even better!”  ~ Scotty

“Last week I was frantically searching the net for all-rubber knobs that had a set screw for 6mm smooth-shaft pots. And couldn’t find anything on Ebay or any of the on-line parts stores. But, I did run across these Knobeez rubber guitar knobs. Anyway, I emailed them asking if they’d stay in place without spinning or falling off the smooth-shafts . . . the reply was that they would work fine. So, I ordered a set with the hopes that was the case. Anyway, they work great!! Just made sure the shafts were clean and oil free and pressed them into place . . . just that simple.”  ~ A2zbassman

“I think they look and feel great also. I got black. And they’re pretty affordable. Check ’em out if your looking for new knobs for your bass, you won’t be disappointed.”  – Axeman1

“Got mine today!! These were EXACTLY what I was looking for. Great fit. Great feel! These have a very solid feel, clean look, and won’t damage split shaft pots VERY PLEASED. Great seller too! . A+ THANKS!!”  ~ PunkRocker

“They are super grippy, just like they say….so awesome on my bass. I bought Orange and Pink sets I change out based on my mood.”  ~ Jeff

“Awesome knobs…. I didn’t know they still made these until I found Knobeez online. I have been wanted some for a while. I have the Black and Red.”  ~ Pilgrimm

“This is something that I never knew I always wanted…now I won’t use anything else. Thank you!”  ~ Knucklehead

“I had some from back in the 80’s…didn’t know you could still get them, I bought the Glow in the dark…glad to see you guys brought them back…they rock!”  ~ Pudge

 What will you say after you get yours??? Shop Knobeez!!