• What size shaft does the Knobeez knobs fit?

Knobeez rubber guitar knobs press onto any 6mm or 1/4″ pot shaft, split or smooth and will not fall off.

  • What do your Knobeez knobs weight?

Knobeez knobs weigh less than metal knobs. Our Knobeez are light weight; about 3 grams for the Standard Style Knobeez knob and about 2 grams for the Jazz Style Knobeez knob.

  • What are the dimensions of the Knobeez knobs?

The diameter at the base of our knobs is 21.80mm or .858”, diameter at the top is 16.00mm or .630” and the overall height is 15.60mm or .614”

  • How safe is the rubber material you use for these knobs on the finish of my instrument?

Our specially mixed rubber material is safe on all finishes; including nitrocellulose (nitro)

  • Will your Knobeez knobs stay on a smooth straight shaft?

Knobeez will stay in place without spinning or falling off even on the smooth-shafts. Also stays on the split shafts just as well.

  • Will these rubber knobs work on a push and pull for active and passive?

On push/pull for active/passive, they easily stay in place there too . . . you’d have to pull up pretty hard to pop them off.

  • Will these Knobeez rubber knobs loose there shape over time?

Because of the special compound of rubber, it has excellent memory and will not lose its shape. It will remember its original shape indefinitely.

  • How do the Knobeez rubber knobs feel?

They are super grippy rubber, not a sticky rubber. They feel soft and firm all at the same time, allowing you to do easy moves with just a single finger, like your pinky.

  • Some rubber products pick up fuzz and lint, do Knobeez?

Its rubber, and has great gripping power (tack), but does not pick up or attract any fuzzy lint.

  • What styles do your Knobeez knobs come in?

Our knobs come in Standard and Jazz (see our shopping cart for images). We currently are working on a new design for dual potentiometers, but they are not available yet.

  • What colors do your Knobeez knobs come in?

Standard style knobs come in, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple and Glow-in-the-dark. The Jazz style currently come in Black and White. Because they come in different colors, you can accent your guitars and/or basses, change the look easily from one color Knobeez knob to another, and look snazzy!

  • Where are Knobeez knobs made? 

Knobeez are proudly manufactured in MICHIGAN, USA. We use USA materials, and Labor!

The KNOBEEZ knobs… something you never knew you always wanted!!